The Changelog

New updates and improvements to Bulletlist.

Backend Work and Feed Design

I just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone that recently signed up for the Bulletlist beta. It means a lot to have so many people interested in the project ๐Ÿ™‚!

This week, I continued the backend work required for the todo list and made a couple of adjustments to make it feel a bit faster. The architecture here is finally done so I've got the chance to work on the features required to share your work publicly.

Explore Page

I settled on a design for the explore page on Bulletlist. In the future you'll be able to create "milestones" for your project and publish completed items that you've worked on for everyone to see and provide feedback.

Before the feed is functional, I need to setup the workflow for creating a milestone. That's what I'm tackling next...

Explore page for Bulletlist

User Authentication and Backends

I hope everyone's January set off a good start to the new year!

Over the past week I've been working on implementing user authentication. Initially sign in / sign up through Twitter will be the only authentication method allowed. The reasons for this are many, but I'm assuming if you're open to working in public you probably already have a Twitter account... or are willing to create one to sign up for Bulletlist.

In addition, I've also set up a good amount of the backend services. The next thing I will be working on in the coming weeks is creating the experience around publicly sharing what you're working on (this is the fun part!).

I've had some conversations with others on how this could best be implemented. I don't want to force you to share everything publicly (you might have some sensitive info in some tasks) but I also don't want to make sharing progress a burden. I have some ideas around this that will be made apparent over the next couple of weeks as this gets fleshed out.

Login Page

Here's a peek at what the login page will initially look like.

Login page for Bulletlist

Public Preview ๐ŸŽ‰

This past week has been busy as hell and I wasn't able to get as much done as I had hoped. Granted, a good amount of progress was still made and the todo list is really coming together.

I've managed to get the core functional, so today I'm opening up a public preview. Anyone can now go in and play around with Bulletlist.

No sign up is required to get started and you can access the preview by clicking on the link in the header or click here.

Completed Items

Now when you complete items in your todo list they will be moved to their own section on the page.

completed tasks get moved to their own section

A New Beginning

Today is the official release of the Bulletlist website. You can provide your email on the homepage if you would like to be notified when the public preview is made available.

Aside from the landing page, I've been working on the overall todo list experience and design. The core is just about there! My plan is to release a fully functioning todo list that you can play with without the need of creating an account on Bulletlist.

Hopefully, the preview will give you a taste of what the individual's experience of Bulletlist will be all about.

Before releasing the public preview I would like to spend some time to iron out any kinks in the todo list experience by making it better based on all of your feedback.


Here's a sneak peak of some of the functionality completed so far.

todo list functionality

Each todo list item has a corresponding detail page with a rich text editor that allows you to add a description.

description page example